ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — The Lighthorse Police Department recently recognized seven-year-old Dakota Duke for jumping in to save his three-year-old brother without fear of injuring himself.

"When we learned about the actions that Dakota took, Lighthorse said, 'Hey, that is a warrior mindset, and we need to recognize this individual,'" said Lighthorse police Chief Charles Palmer.

During a family hiking trip in late February at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Dakota's three-year-old brother Riley fell down a 100-foot cliff and landed in Rock Creek.

"Without thinking about his own safety, Dakota dove to rescue his brother, and pulled Riley from the creek," Palmer said. "A lot of individuals don't take that sort of action — especially at such a young age — and for him to be so young and to have that forethought to jump and rescue his brother, that shows a lot about the type of person Dakota is and what his future is going to hold for him."

The brothers were severely injured due to the fall and were rushed to a hospital in Oklahoma City. Dakota was released a short time later.

Riley was admitted to the intensive care unit and is now recovering at home.

Lighthorse police honored Dakota after the department's Youth Academy graduation.

"We brought Dakota and his family in and honored him in front of his peers to kind of give the students some encouragement of, 'Look at what this child has done and what he has done for his family,' and kind of give the graduates something to go home and look toward and say, 'If he can do it, I can  as well.'"

This is the first time Lighthorse police have honored a member of the community with a Brave Act Award.