DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — One business owner serves Durant as a leader by giving back in many capacities, while also embracing his heritage.  

"Scott Hampton is a pillar in this community,” said Billy Hamilton, director of Choctaw Small Business Development. 

Each year the Choctaw Nation awards 12 small Choctaw businesses across the state with a Chahtapreneur Award.

"'Chahtapreneur' is simply the combination of two different words — Choctaw and entrepreneur,"  Hamilton explained. “So when you combine the two,  the meaning behind the word 'Chahta' — which has a warrior spirit behind it — and 'entrepreneur,' which is entrepreneurship.”

Durant Main Street Wash and owner Scott Hampton won the award for District 9 in the state.

“One of the things about this business is it serves everyone," Hampton said. “It’s not aimed at any specific group of people or demographic... everyone comes here and is welcome.”

Businesses and owners that receive the award give back to the people they serve, and represent the values of the Choctaw Nation.

“Any leftover laundry detergents and soap like that, we put those together and we take those to blessing boxes, and putting that in there for people less fortunate to make sure they can clean their clothes,” Hampton said.

“He’s actively engaging and providing his service to District 9 that’s needed," said Hamilton. “But on top of that, he connects with our program, he works with us, and he truly lives out the spirit for the word Chahtapreneur.”

Durant Main Street Wash is also coming up on its one year anniversary, and Hampton said he’s hopeful for the years to come.