SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Grayson County Jail is starting a new 12-week intensive drug and alcohol substance abuse program which teaches coping skills to  inmates. 

"This program goes into life skills that they need to be successful on the outside, and it also teaches them techniques and different things they can do that hopefully prevent from going back to drugs or alcohol," said jail administrator Capt. Sarah Bigham.

Forty inmates are signed up to complete the program.

Some officers will have to work overtime to help facilitate the classes. Grayson County Commissioners on Tuesday approved the transfer of funds to cover those salaries during the 12 weeks. 

"The transfer of funds was about $30,000," Bigham said.

Commissioners also approved an agreement with a recruiting company to help alleviate the jail's detention officer shortage.

"Everybody in our area is all fishing within the same pond, so we're hoping this company will bring in applicants from outside our area that can may be relocated here," said Grayson County Judge Bruce Dawsey.

The county will sign a 45-day contract with Resource Communication Inc. to find more officers.