(KTEN) — It's been a year since the Oklahoma Department of Human Services announced a plan to eliminate the Developmental Disabilities Service wait list.

When they first announced their goal, the list was more than 4,500 names long. Some had been waiting for nearly 13 years.

Since then, more than 900 families have been approved for services or are actively receiving them.

"So we grouped individuals by application dates into groups that we call cohorts, and there were seven cohorts," explained DDS division director Beth Scrutchins. "We are now working with families that are in cohort five."

Processing one person on the list can take anywhere between six to nine months, because each one has unique needs.

"Someone might need a caregiver in their home, or somebody to take them out in the community, while the next person might actually want someone to help them get a job in their community and they may need a job coach," Scrutchins said.

DHS said they are on track for their goal: Zero names on the wait list by June 2024.