COLBERT, Okla. (KTEN) — Colbert police Chief David Petersen has been fired.

The decision by the Colbert City Council followed nearly one hour of deliberations.

Petersen took on the role of police chief in 2017 after the then-interim chief resigned due to alleged neo-Nazi ties.

Colbert resident Andrea Pena said she is glad to see Petersen go, believing he misused his position.

"He wrote my daughter tickets, and he changed the tickets after the fact that he impounded our car illegally," Pena said. "Then he changed it from speeding to a reckless driving. He didn't have the place to do that."

It remains unknown why Petersen's future at the department was under question.

"He was crooked, he was shady, and it is what it is; he got what he deserved," Pena said. "There were a lot of people coming out of the meeting who were highly upset that he was terminated; I don't know why."

Colbert council members declined to comment on-camera about plans to replace Petersen, or to reveal the reasons for his termination.

In 2017, Petersen was in the news after he was portrayed in photos posted to Facebook with two teenage girls; the chief, in uniform, was sitting in a squad car and all three were making an obscene gesture.

Petersen apologized for the incident, saying, "I make mistakes, just like everybody else does."