SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The streets around Fairview Park were filled with the sounds of motorcycles and cars on Wednesday taking part in an impromptu parade to wish happy birthday to six-year-old Wesley.

"It was my mom's idea, and I just rolled with it." said Charlotta Webster, Wesley's mom. "And the next thing I know, all these amazing people come out and they just blessed us."

"Bikes, cars, everything... y'all just come out and let's surprise this little boy who has some issues that are health-related," said Kari Halk, director of For the Kids. "I mean, this is phenomenal."

Wesley has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and the amount of support he received was unexpected.

"Maybe if we have 10 cars... hey, that's fine, at least he's had fun," said Webster. "All of this — over a hundred — is just wonderful; I was not expecting it at all."

Kenny Enloe, general manager of Texoma Harley-Davidson, was similarly surprised.

"Well to be honest with you I didn't think there'd be this many motorcycles I figured there'd be about 100 motorcycles, and I bet you we've got well over that; 150 to 200 motorcycles, and then we've got the hot rods and everything else that showed up," he said.

And seeing this grand birthday celebration made the effort worthwhile for the participants.

"It's a small town, and I really believe that if you're not helping the people that need it and children, and if somebody asks for something like this, I think it's just the right thing to do," Enloe said.

"Shows that they're willing to go forth help a little boy and show him a good birthday and be a community," said Wesley's mom. "And I'm blessed to be a part of this community, and he is, too."