SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Luis Rodriguez Sr. died Tuesday evening after a car fell on him in his driveway.

"He was taking out two screws from the bottom," said daughter Xiana Baeza. "It was just two screws, so he jacked the car up."

The family said he was almost finished with the repair when the jack released. Neighbors ran to help get the car off Rodriguez.

By the time police arrived 10 minutes later, it was too late.

Rodriguez and his wife had been married for 30 years. His sons and daughters said he was a good dad.

"He'd always make time for work and us, but he always put us first," said Fernando Rodriguez. "He was my father and my friend."

"If the weather was bad he'd pick me up from wherever I needed," added Valerie Rodriguez. "In the winter, he would always warm up my car for me in the morning."

"This past Christmas to go see the lights ... he was just playing around, goofing off, sitting on Santa's lap... just having fun with us," Baeza recalled.

The two siblings who moved out of the house will now be working to try to fill in the gap left by the family's breadwinner.

"Income, funeral expenses, and the other coming bills that we're now going to have to step up and take... that he used to take care of," said Luis Rodriguez Jr.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for anyone wishing to contribute to the funeral fund.