GUNTER, Texas (KTEN)—Gunter's Chamber of Commerce celebrated Independence Day with a bang at its annual Fireworks in the Park event.

Gunter City Park was filled with dozens of vendors, food trucks, and local organizations peddling their wares and setting up games for visitors.

"I really like steer roping; it's really fun to teach people how to rope," said attendee Bryn Baumann.

But it's the sky show at the end of the party that's the big attraction.

"We've seen fireworks a lot this week, and I'm really excited to see them again," Baumann said.

Fireworks in the Park started out as a fundraising effort for the Gunter Volunteer Fire Department, and evolved into an event that Chamber of Commerce President Brandy Cochran says brings in thousands every year.

"Whenever I first started doing this, it was 300, 400 people that would come," Cochran said. "Now we're looking at anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000."

Cochran has helped organize fireworks in the park for more than 12 years. What keeps her coming back is seeing the camaraderie the event fosters.

"Just everybody coming together is my personal favorite, and getting to spend the day together as a community," Cochran said.