SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — A man who's been on the run for nearly 20 years is now behind bars in Grayson County.

In 2003, Van Alstyne police began to investigate British citizen Anthony Rae for allegations of child sexual abuse. He was later arrested on multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

But after posting bond, Rae failed to appear for his trial in 2005.

Fast-forward fifteen years to April 2020, when he was traced to England using an alias of "Tony Campbell."

"Detectives from Scotland Yard arrested Rae outside of London," said Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith. "There had been an arrest warrant obtained by our office in conjunction with federal authorities. Mr. Rae has been continuously held in prison, in Her Majesty's prison in Wadsworth in the United Kingdom."

That arrest led to a protracted three-year legal battle over his extradition back to Texas.

"There had been subsequent hearings — probably seven or eight different applications for appeal matters that had been Rae's — and things Anthony Rae fought to avoid extradition back to the United States," Smith said.

The European Court of Human Rights denied Rae's final appeal on June 14, clearing the way for his return to Texas.

Anthony Rae, center, is escorted from an aircraft after his extradition from the UK.

On Saturday evening, Rae, now 49, was transferred to the Grayson County Jail by U.S. Marshals Service deputies.

"A lot of people who started this are now retired and moved on," said Lester Hayes of the Department of Homeland Security. "Their attention to detail proves we can bring this gentleman back, and now he has to face charges. We have the opportunity now to have closure; the victim has the opportunity to have closure."

The district attorney added that his office is doing everything it can to get Rae's case tried as quickly possible.

"There is no length we won't go to make sure people are returned to justice if you commit an act of violence against a child of Grayson County," Smith said. "We'll find you; arrest you; and bring you to justice."

Anthony Rae is jailed in Grayson County after two decades on the run.