SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Casey Daniels, a Sherman musician, has his own documentary, and it premieres Saturday in Sherman. It's called "50/50 Chance."

"Just write songs for people who come from nothing and never had anything," Daniels said about the film, a tribute to his hardships and how far he's come.

Daniels started making music when he was 17, thanks to his neighbors.

"They sat out and played guitar on the front porch," he recalled. "And as a young kid, I would ride my bike up and down the street and they were always playing music, and it kind of inspired me."

Now, Casey Daniels and the Dead Angels go on tours with his many original songs and several albums.

"When people write me and they tell me they're inspired by the songs I wrote... the lyrics I wrote, music I compilated... that's what means the most to me," Daniels said.

This documentary is years in the making, a collaboration with director David Riddle.

"The director stayed with me for quite some time, living on my couch, interviewing my family, and just kind of following me around on my day-to-day life, and just getting footage for everything," Daniels said.

Riddle and Daniels have a good history.

"I've been shooting Casey Daniels for years now," said Riddle. "I started out shooting his first music video, Modern Day Cowboy, and at first he was a client, but that quickly turned into being best friends."

The June 10 debut of "50/50 Chance" in Sherman is sold out, but it will be shown in Cartwright on June 17, and there are plans for it to be streaming on the Roku platform at the end of July.

Daniels will be performing in Denison at Music on Main on June 23.

"It's super inspiring to see the progress he's made," said Riddle. "Before and after, it's incredible."