ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Carry the Load, a national organization based in Dallas, made a stop in Ardmore Saturday afternoon. The group travels to 48 states, covering 20,000 miles of Carry the Load walks during the month of May leading up to Memorial Day.

It had never made a stop in Ardmore until this weekend.

"Ardmore's got such a military-friendly community, and with the Veterans Center here, we knew it was one of those stops we had to add in to our Mountain States route," said event coordinator Madison Woodson.

Ardmore's walk covered two miles, from Central Park to Seaman First Class Billy Turner Veterans Cemetery.

Participants carried a weighted backpack for the two-mile hike, each honoring someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"We lost one of our doc's in the 180th, Buddy Doc Huey," said Army veteran Todd Larkin. "Being able to just walk for him, and honor him today and this weekend, it means so much to me."

"I will walk with them. I'll carry a load for my husband," said Glenda Schuff. "I have a grandson who was a Marine, he died... 21 years old... Steve Thomas. Two Marines I've lost. He knows we're with him."

The message from the Carry the Load walk is to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day.

"It's for those who lost their life in the line of duty — police officer, first responder, firefighter — and all those lost overseas," Larkin said. "We have to take a moment this weekend and remember them. Every sacrifice that they've given up for us. We have to take that time."