SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Arthur Donald Papin —known to friends as "Pappy" — served in the United States military for 20 years.

Now, as a civilian, he spends his time serving fellow veterans.

"We don't do this for the accolades, but it is nice every once in a while that some things you do aren't going unnoticed," Papin said.

Growing up, he admitted that he got himself into some trouble.

"I was told I would be in the service or I would be in juvie hall," Papin said. "It wasn't much of a choice, and the military will make a person grow up real fast.
The military is a great place for kids who have a little bit of a problem."

So Papin enlisted in the Air Force in July 1960 at the age of 17. His first duty station was in Nebraska, and then he was transferred to a base in Spain.

"In the Air Force, I was in refueling... ground and air refueling. Then when I got out, I drove a truck for a while," he said.

Injured during active duty, Papin began to serve the military as a civilian.

"I left the Navy and went to the Marine Corps, to the Marine Corps air station in El Toro as a management staff person," he said.

Since retiring from the civil service, he continues to serve veterans.

"It's nice to have service officers in Durant, Sherman... wherever veterans are that they can go to and help them with their many filing claims," Papin said.

And on Friday, Arthur Papin was recognized for that service and his service in the military with the Texoma Hero award.

"Very honored... I'm just tickled," he said.

"It's pretty epic," added wife Sally Papin. "I just think he walks on water most of the time."