SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — "Maybe as high as 65 percent of our population here in Grayson County Jail has to do with drug, alcohol addiction," said Sheriff Tom Watt.

He's working to solve the problem. 

"We will start slow, and if we can add more people to the program, we will. We just want to make sure it's a success," Watt said.

The solution? The first in-house jail program the Grayson County Jail has ever seen.

"We can send a pre-recorded question every week that is in follow of a live discussion," said Scott Wisenbaker, executive director of Solutions of North Texas.

The recovery program would help inmates find new ways to cope with addiction.

"Jail is easy," said Wisenbaker. "It's when the doors open up and the rest of the world rushes at you, and that's when things become complicated."

The goal would include helping inmates become self-sufficient.

"It's something that really speaks to their heart and gives them hope... maybe for the first time," Wisenbaker said.

Grayson County Commissioners will vote on this program during their next session. If approved, the jail is hoping to fund the program through opioid settlement funds.