ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — An Ardmore mother claims a conflict of interest impacted her child custody case.

Amanda Rutledge said she plans to file for a retrial after her ex-husband, Garrett Von Ree, was awarded sole custody of their daughter. She claims that Associate District Judge Ryan Hunnicutt had ties to a witness and Von Ree's family members who were in the courtroom.

Von Ree’s attorney Diane Worsham stated, “No one filed for a recusal or even mentioned that there was a conflict with the judge, nor did her attorney go into chambers & ask the judge to recuse.”

Associate District Judge Ryan Hunnicutt.


Rutledge filed a motion to terminate  joint custody with Von Ree in February, stating that it was in the best interest of their child — mentally, physically and emotionally — for the mother to have sole custody.

Rutledge claims that her ex-husband ignored their daughter's medical issues, verbally attacked her, and that he admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana with their daughter in the car.

"I told Ryan Hunnicutt I had personally witnessed and had an audio recording of my ex-husband telling my daughter to 'shut the f*** up' before he knocks the taste out of her mouth," she said. "I have witnessed him whipping her inappropriately with a belt, and then it took Ryan Hunnicutt five minutes to come back with a verdict, and gave no reason behind his verdict."

KTEN spoke with the district judge's office, but they did not have a comment due to confidential information regarding the child.

Worsham stated that Rutledge made false allegations to law enforcement, DHS & the court that there was physical abuse of the father screaming at the child & kicking & throwing items at her. These matters are, to a large extent, found in pleadings filed in this case in Carter county, ok.