DURANT,  Oklahoma (KTEN) - Saturday was a big day for Texoma football players all over the area. The C4 Sports Performance Center hosted a pro day for athletes to show off what they're made of.

Hundreds of football players up and down the region came to C4 to showcase their skills at the pro day combine. A plethora of college coaches were there to check out potential recruits for the future.

Sean Cooper, owner of C4 sports and the mastermind behind the pro day, wants to give Texoma athletes national exposure and the players are grateful for him and the event.

"For me, seeing what other people around me are doing, it helps me build confidence and see what I need to work on," Sherman junior lineman Darrian Minor said.

"It's a huge help," Durant junior tackle Tucker Dry said. "Coop sends all these times out to all these different colleges. Even with all the colleges that aren't here, he'll send them out, so it goes to hundreds of schools across the nation."