TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The Stan Reed Memorial Golf Tournament has been happening for almost a decade, and it's done more than just bring people together for a little friendly competition.

It's raised money and awareness for Alzheimer's and dementia, and the competition has grown since it began in 2014.

"It's grown from 60 players," said Luke Marshall, president of the Southern Oklahoma Alzheimer's/Dementia Support Group. "We've cut it off at 80 players, and now we have a waiting list. People just can't wait to get in it. There's lots of prizes to be won. There's a $10,000 prize if you hit a hole-in-one on hole No. 4."

More than $100,000 has been raised for the Southern Oklahoma Alzheimer and Dementia Support Group since the tournament was started.

For the Reed family, having a family member honored in this way while being able to bring people together is the rewarding part.

"It really just means a lot for us and our family," said Cooper Reed, the grandson of Stan Reed.

"Yeah, and the great stories that everybody tells about Dad when he was with us. It's just great," added Mitchell Reed, Stan Reed's son.

The message resonating at every green for the two-day competition:

"It's a terrible, cruel disease, but you're not alone," Mitchell Reed said. "We have support groups. That's why we're here."

"Get in touch with us so we can render whatever support needed," Luke Marshall said. "Whether it be monetary, emotional, or whatever they need... we'll be there for them."

You can find the Southern Oklahoma Alzheimer's/Dementia Support Group on Facebook, or contact the organization at 580-371-6419 or 580-371-8396.