SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Some residents of the Austin Landing neighborhood are concerned about plans for a gas station at the entrance of their neighborhood.

"We're all trying to band together to make our voices heard in any possible way we can," said Vida Gomez, one of several parents worried about her children's safety if construction at the corner of Wisteria Lane and Liberty Hill Trail goes forward.

"It's a big concern [for] all of us," Gomez said. "We all live here with children; we have a lot of elderly here. I've lived near a gas station, and I remember seeing all the traffic it brought."

Location of proposed gas station at 5100 Liberty Hill Trail in Sherman. (Google Maps)

Another objection raised: A potential increase in crime as the gas station brings more people close to the neighborhood.

"I'm concerned about the crime," said Tera Owens. "We already have people coming in the neighborhood, breaking in cars — actually there was a time when someone actually walked in somebody's house."

Owens also pointed out environmental implications with chemical runoff into the sewers. Several residents said they are trying to contact the Environmental Protection Agency over this issue.

Clay Mahone, chair of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, said his body is legally obligated to approve plans that meet city ordinances.

The final decision on the gas station development now rests with the Sherman City Council. Neighbors put together a petition to try and halt the development.