SILO, Oklahoma (KTEN) - Silo, Oklahoma is home to a number of talented baseball players that just helped the Rebels win their sixth-consecutive spring baseball title, but they've also got a rising star in the press box.

Fourth grader Asher Ludrick has started his trek as one of the voices of the Rebels, and might the youngest color commentator in America.

"The thing is there's just nothing better than it," said Ludrick. "It's just fun."

Veteran Silo broadcaster Kevin Farr had Asher run the cameras at a basketball game in the fall. He did such a good job, he was given a promotion after just one night, and from there a star was born.

"It just kind of caught on, It's just kind of a phenomenon at Silo," said Farr. "Everybody has just kind of flocked to Asher. They just love him at the school and when I'm out in the community people will ask me all the time, 'is Asher going to be on the broadcast?'"

The love at Silo and beyond has landed Asher on radio shows in Oklahoma City and with the help of parents has helped him create his own website

"Well they say I'm pretty good," said Ludrick. 

"He handles it well, said Farr. He's popular, he talks to people and he doesn't really have a nervous bone in his body which is rare for a 10 year-old."

It usually takes a sportscaster years to find a signature catch phrase but Asher is lucky. He's got a couple under his belt in his rookie season. He uses "Bangarang" for 3-pointers in basketball and "She Gone" for home runs in baseball.

And even though his oldest brother Carter will be graduating and heading off to college, he's looking forward to continuing calling Silo games with his other brother Colton on the field.

"I want to do this for a while until I meet my goal," said Ludrick. "My goal is to broadcast on ESPN."