LAKE MURRAY, Okla. (KTEN) — Lake Murray's new restaurant, The Lookout Kitchen, opened its doors over the weekend.

"We’re so excited about it, especially the servers, and I just can’t wait to get it kicked off and going. It’s going to be great," the Lookout Kitchen's front-of-house manager said. 

The menu has something for just about everybody — from pasta and pizza to local favorites like chicken fried steak.

The Lookout Kitchen was the first of six state park restaurants to open under the new vendor La Ratatouille, an Oklahoma-based company that has operated restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, and catering services around the state.

Chicken fried steak is on the menu at The Lookout Kitchen on Lake Murray.


The Lookout Kitchen opened its doors just over a month after the Oklahoma Department of Tourism announced the new vendor in time for Mother's Day and the summer season.

"We have been very well recepted," said head chef Manuel Davila. "A lot of folks have been waiting so patiently to see our menu to know what we are all about, and just like a lot of places around this area, we are going to offer great comfort food and high-quality steaks." 

Along with brunch, lunch, and dinner, The Lookout Kitchen also plans to offer live music and other entertainment.

"We’re creating a whole new environment, a new feel, and I’m really trying to blend all of that with what our general manager brings to the table," Davila explained. "We Just want it to be a great place to come out, hang out, and enjoy the beautiful view."