VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) -- Van Alstyne celebrated its sesquicentennial on Friday; that means this Grayson County community is 150 years old.

Van Alstyne Historical Museum director Teddie Ann Salmon spoke about her memories of the fast-growing town and the important family and business history as well.

Mayor Jim Atchison noted that motion pictures have been a part of the city's legacy.

"That was a popular entertainment, source of entertainment for citizens, for many years," he said. "When I was doing a bit of research, I was unaware of the total history of Columbia College, and when that was founded and the services they provided back before the turn of the last century."

Friday's event was also a chance to look forward to the future.

"It is my belief, and certainly hope, that Van Alstyne will continue to be a community that cares for one another; where the citizens get involved in the lives of children, where our businesses continue to support one another and all the people moving here," the mayor said.

Van Alstyne is planning another anniversary celebration in in October.