ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — It's a form of edible marijuana packaged to resemble kid-friendly snacks.

District 22 District Attorney Erik Johnson is putting Texoma school districts on notice after some of these products were confiscated at Seminole Public Schools.

"This is directly marketed to children," Johnson said. "It's a violation of the OMMA, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority's permitting. You're not allowed to have recreations of well-known children's figures."

Johnson's office was made aware of the copycat edibles confiscated from a Seminole elementary school on Wednesday. The products include a spinoff of candy gummy worms, Lucky Charms cereal and Cheetos.

The DA is making area school districts aware, and they're already taking action.

"I was able to send messages to our principals and directors to be vigilant," said Ada City Schools Superintendent Mike Anderson. "Keep your eyes open that these are floating around."

Some of the edibles — like the "Stoney Charms" — contain 1000 milligrams of pure tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

"I'd best not find any of my dispensaries in District 22 selling this type of item, because I believe it's done this way to directly find its way into the hands of children," Johnson said.

The district attorney said this initiative taken by his office is to inform educators and families while keeping schools safe.