DENISON, Texas (KTEN) - It was a special day for a group of varsity athletes at Denison High School. Seven Yellowjackets who put pen to paper to play their respective sports at the next level.

Four of the seven athletes who signed are headed to Austin College. All four will be competing in different sports for the 'Roos.

Barrett Calhoun signed for baseball, and Alicia Bohannon signed for softball. Karsyn Clouse will be playing tennis and Emma McLemore will be swimming.

Ethan Jaresh and Canaan Farley Jr. will play baseball together at Carl Albert State College and Emma Stogsdill will be cheering for East Central University.

I asked each athlete at what point did they know they were talented enough to compete at the collegiate level. Each of them had incredible answers.

"I had a competition for cheer last year and I had a lot of issues with my shoulder, but as soon as I hit that mat, I realized this is me," Stogsdill said. "This is what I want to do. My cheer coach, she just held me real tight and that's when I knew this is where I want to be."

Farley Jr. knew the exact game of the season.

 "Sophomore year we played Wiley East," Farley Jr. said. "It was very windy and terrible conditions and we overcame and we got the win."

Jaresh, Farley Jr.'s future college teammate, pinpointed the exact hit.

"Last year versus the Colony, I had a walk-off bomb," Jaresh said. "I just felt like on top of the world. I felt like I could do anything."

Calhoun pointed to his second year playing where he saw a major jump in his performance.

"Coming on sophomore year, I really started thinking about looking around seeing what I can do and I talked to a couple coaches and they said they definitely think I have the potential to be at a college somewhere because there's always a college for you somewhere," Calhoun said. "No matter what level, D3, D2, D1, JuCo, whatever it is, there's always a level for you. They said I got to work hard and that's what I did."

Bohannon knew after catching a top-tier pitcher.

"When I caught for Ashlyn Hamilton, I realized 'whoa, I can do this,'" Bohannon said. "It was a great feeling and I knew after I did that I had the confidence and the friendship we had that I could really do it."

Clouse's moment was singular; instead, it happened over time.

"I think it was a buildup, I don't think it was one magnificent moment, but I think it was one magnificent journey which is kind of cliche," Clouse said. "I realized that tennis means a lot more to me than I even realized. It's almost who I am at this point. I would say it's been a continuous development this year realizing that you know what, I can play at the next level and I want to."

McLemore transitioned from soccer to swimming after too many major injuries sidelined her for good. Even through the adversity, she knows god has a plan for her.

"I was being recruited for soccer for another sport, so this is honestly something new for me," McLemore said. "I'm really excited because I got a bunch of injuries from soccer, so I couldn't play that anymore. It was really hard for me not to be able to sign collegiately with that, but this opportunity that god's given me is such a blessing so I am so excited to pursue this in college just to know his plan is perfect."