GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — As the Texas Legislature works to pass new laws to protect students from deadly gun violence, many Texoma schools are already enforcing new rules.

"We're focused on school safety every day," said Sherman Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Tyson Bennett. 

Texas House Bill 3 would increase funding for school safety measures. The measure passed the House on Friday in a 119-25 vote and will now be considered by the Senate.

"They're talking about adding $100 per student, and also $15,000 per campus, to support the safety requirements on our buildings," Bennett said.

HB 3 would, if passed, require at least one armed officer to be present on every school campus.

House Bill 13 would provide incentives for school employees to get certified to carry firearms, which some employees at Sherman ISD and S&S Consolidated ISD  are already doing.

"We have armed staff members on all of our district facilities, and that's strictly on a volunteer basis," said S&S Superintendent Roger Reed.

Senate Bill 838 would also mandate that schools install silent panic buttons in every classroom. Currently, Sherman ISD only has them in their office spaces. 

"Unfortunately, you have to daily look at the safety and security within your schools, because of all the things you see going on nationwide," Bennett said.

House staffers estimate the bill would require nearly $300 million in state funding in its first two years. With Senate approval and the governor's signature, it could be in effect by September 1.