ADA, Okla. (KTEN) -- Prom is an exciting time for any high school student.

For Heather Gould, it's another opportunity to make a young girl's dreams come true.

Lillian Gutierrez started Lillian's Bridal nearly 50 years ago. Her niece, Heather Gould, would provide an extra hand, especially during prom season.

"Nine years ago, she passed away unexpectedly and I was just going to sell out what she had left to help everybody," Gould said. "I just couldn't stand the thought of giving up prom, so I ran it just as a prom [shop] for several years."

That love for what many would consider a memorable pastime has allowed Gould to spread her passion.

For Katie Bomboy, a surprise invitation to prom called for a surprise visit, with all the accessories.

"They were able to get Katie down here," Gould said. "Mom was able to rush an alteration while we went out and played with the baby goats."

Heather Gould is able to help girls like Katie get the dress they want through the Fairy Godmother program she implemented this year -- to get dresses at a discounted price.

"I put so much each month back, and then any money that comes in and we're able to, when we hear about that girl, maybe we're able to pay for half the dress," she said. "I truly believe God sends them to me. By one way or another. Whatever message and whatever route He has, He sends them to me every time," Gould said.