ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- The non-profit organization Strength in Number is no stranger to supporting various causes. Saturday, it was the organization's first Walk for Autism, and their purpose reflects in their work, dating back to when the non-profit was established in 2021.

"Strength in Numbers had to be one of those dreams that I didn't remember. Everything that we're doing is like a dream come true," said president Marchello Anderson. "Anything that you're pursuing and you're chasing, that would be your dream. Here we are today, pursuing and doing our dream."

The Walk for Autism featured resources like like The Spot, Bloom Therapy and Hometown Therapy Services, supporting organizations like the Texoma Autism and Behavior Intervention School.

With it being Strength in Numbers' first Walk for Autism, the idea for it is personal to both Bo Weddell and Marchello Anderson.

"It started out with an idea from a high school classmate. Her name is Shantae Mayfield," engagement coordinator Bo Weddell said. "Shantae called me one night and said 'Hey, I want you guys to be a great part because you guys are already doing great stuff in the community, and I need your help.' Any time you say 'community' to us, we're all for it."

After raising awareness for autism, it's not the last time Strength in Numbers will hold an event supporting that cause, or any other for that matter, because at the end of the day, it's all about unity.

"We just want to spark the interest in everyone's mind of what we can do when we come together," Marchello Anderson said. "Come as one. It's not about the vision; it's about togetherness."