VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) — The population of Van Alstyne is approaching 7,000, with more on the way.

"We plan to allow for an increase for about 50 or 60 housing permits per month," said Mayor Jim Atchison. "We may not achieve that high of a number, but we are planning for a number that large."

The next step is finding developers who want to build. 

"We have a mixture of housing coming to the city of Van Alstyne, some larger lots," Atchison said. "We also have multi-family coming to the city. We need a place for families of all different sizes to move to, as well as single individuals, too."

Once those houses are built and families move in, they'll need new places to eat and shop. 

"We're very excited," said City Manager Lane Jones. "We have been working with Tender Smokehouse almost a year now. It will be a two-story building overlooking our new Central Social District Park."

The barbecue restaurant plans to open in the summer of 2024, but there's more to these projects than smiles and ribbon-cuttings.  

"We're working on a roadway project right now," said Jones. "We're looking at a plan ... to finance 16 roadways within our city to improve flow both east and west, north and south."

Taxpayers hope this evolution — combined with the city's core values — will make for a great place to live.

"The more people here, the more happiness," said Van Alstyne resident Wesley Schneider. "There's a lot more sharing here; this is a close-knit town."