TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — Murray State College softball players Christina Clark and Karsyn York have never been ones to back down from adversity.

On Sunday March 26, Clark and York were driving on a dirt road near Tishomingo when they lost control of their vehicle. Their car flipped and hit a tree.

York broke her back and Clark hit her head on the dashboard. They were found minutes later by fellow Murray State student Jace Hower.

"It was... it was very scary," York recalled. "It was at least 30 minutes before someone came and found us."

"Thirty minutes doesn't seem that long, but whenever you're sitting there by yourself with your friend passed out — thinking probably not very good things — you know," Clark added.

The faith and determination of these two Lady Aggies freshmen never wavered.

"First thing I wanted to say: 'Karsyn, can we say a prayer?'" Clark said.

Those prayers have been answered.

In less than a week, Clark and York were out of the hospital, and are back home recovering, receiving support from all over Texoma.

"Silo that night, they held a prayer, and they said there was like 60-plus people there," Clark said.

"I had gifts sent to me. I had people reach out to me from Tishomingo," York explained. "I had my general biological science teacher, Michele Quinton, come visit me in the hospital."

As the teammates continue to recover, they both have a message for anyone dealing with any conflict.

"The fact that I did that is just incredible," York said. "Now I can preach it to these other people going through the same thing and say, 'If you can get through this, that's a big deal.'"

"What can you not do?" Clark added.