ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Rodney Seaton (AKA "Hot Rod") was thrilled to see his hometown of Ardmore and to share his message of hope to the kids of Take Two Alternative Academy.

"They can do anything they want regardless of their situation," said Seaton.

Seaton, a member of the Micro Wrestlers Foundation, made time to speak to students about overcoming whatever challenges they're facing.

"Whether it's anything going on at home, or physically or mentally, or if they have any type of disability, it's not really a disability unless they make it," he said.

Seaton was invited by Take Two Academy director Stephanie Hacker, who remembers when he was just starting is journey to the ring.

"There was no obstacle that Rodney didn't feel like he couldn't overcome," she said. "In fact, he played football and wrestling and other sports, and I was always impressed with Rodney's determination."

While dabbling with other sports, wrestling was always number one in Seaton's heart.

"I always loved wrestling as a kid, but with me being small — and a small individual having dwarfism — I never really knew how I'd be able to be a wrestler, but micro wrestling opened up a big door for me," he said.

Hot Rod hopes his story provides a roadmap for these young people.

"There were a couple of kids that wanted to wrestle him, and decided they wanted to change their career goals to Micro Wrestling," Hacker said.

"Our company, the Micro Wrestlers Federation, is very well-known on TikTok," said Seaton. "Some of the kids actually knew who I was, and knew the little slogans we do on TikTok."

The Micro Wrestlers will appear in Denison for a show at Jake's Place on Thursday, April 13 at 8 p.m.