SILO, Oklahoma (KTEN) - Silo head baseball coach Billy Jack Bowen was given a lifetime achievement award on Tuesday by OK Prep Nation alongside his brother Randy and uncle Murl.

Bowen is the winningest coach in the country when it come to high school baseball, with over 2,000 career wins. However, getting recognized with his uncle and brother, both of whom are also top-ten in wins in the state of Oklahoma was extra special for him.

"It's the neatest thing ever," said Billy Jack Bowen. "They got to researching and found out that my uncle was in on that and I was not really important when you start checking in to him and of course my brother is pretty high up in wins in the state too. It's a pretty cool thing with a family."

All three were given lifetime achievement awards while Murl was also given a greatest of all time award. Billy Jack Bowen has about every accolade he could ever want. He has more wins than any coach in the country and has won 23 state titles. Murl is a big reason for his success.

"Murl probably doesn't take credit there but we all grew up watching him win and go about his business," said Billy Jack. "So when we started coaching we wanted to be like him, so we did a lot of the things he did. We asked a lot of questions, so it's really a neat deal to reach the bar that he set so high."

"It's very special, more so for my two nephews than me, I'm older, I'm out of it," said Murl. "For some reason, I guess we all just all enjoyed coaching and baseball. To me, it is the greatest game going."