DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — A study by investment firm SmartAsset shows that home values in Grayson County have risen almost 75 percent in the past five years.

That puts Grayson in the top 10 Texas counties where homeowners can get the most value for their tax dollars.

"We have seen significant growth in home values, and what's been driving that is demand — demand for housing here," said Realtor Tommi Sue Homuth.

The City of Sherman is expecting growth with Texas Instruments and GlobiTech expansions, but jobs are not the only thing attracting new residents to Grayson County.

"I work remotely, so it's not for any specific job," said homeowner Harry Randol, originally from Fairview, Texas. "We actually just wanted to get out of the suburbs."

However, higher home values can be a double-edged sword, depending on whether someone is looking to sell their home or if they plan to stay in the area and deal with higher property taxes.

"If you're selling your property, great, grand, wonderful... you're going to make a bunch of money because you're property's worth more," said Sherman City Council member Josh Stevenson. "The rub is really for those who aren't looking to sell their homes, who are looking to stay, because every year that tax bill gets higher and higher and higher."

The study cited higher school rankings as a major factor for higher value homes, with a large portions of property taxes funding the school districts.