BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — Fannin County Commissioners have approved plans for a new resort village on Bois d'Arc Lake.

"There's also going to be change," said Fannin County Judge Newt Cunningham. "You know, change in demographics. There's going to be change in our lifestyles."

Belle Vie is designed to be an 80-acre resort village located on a peninsula on the south side of the new lake. The initial phase encompasses 30 acres.

"Their plan entails a European-like village, and that means no yards to speak of... houses right up on the street," Cunningham said. "The houses will have views of the lake, and they will have a mixed residential and commercial area, including small shops and small hotels."

Cunningham said the reservoir is built for this type of development.

"It is a 16,000-acre lake, and there are going to be a lot of... I would say... two-acre homes built around the edge of the lake," he said.

Sondra Compton, co-owner of Mercantile West, believes this resort will open new doors for the City of Bonham.

"It will help all the taxes we get from hotels to restaurants, just the taxes coming in here and buying something," she said.

Although the zoning has been approved, there's still work to be done before construction.

"They still have the building permits issued; you still have the water permit issued; you still have to have a septic permit issued," Cunningham said. 

The city hopes Bois d'Arc Lake attracts more projects like this. 

"We're talking about docks for private homes around the lake," Cunningham said. "We're talking about a marina. There are all sorts of things that can happen."