TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is moving ahead with plans to redesign a dangerous intersection in Tishomingo.

The "Y-intersection" at U.S. 377 and State Highway 22 has been the site of multiple fatal crashes.

The intersection redesign project is included in ODOT's eight-year plan. The agency has contracted with an engineering firm to assist with design plans.

Findings from the National Safety Transportation Board's final report on the six-fatality crash that happened last March will be included in the new design of the intersection.

"It is important that we incorporate the findings of it and address any deficiencies that are found," Said ODOT chief engineer Brian Taylor. 

ODOT plans to present the public with concepts for the intersection before the end of the year.

"We believe a roundabout is uniquely well suited at that location, but we aren't in the business of telling a town what is best for them," Taylor explained. "We certainly want to partner with them and have their input."

During the public meeting, expected to be scheduled later this year, the public can voice their opinions on the project and ask questions.

"We will present multiple options to the town and put all of the information in a matrix so they can see the cause and effect of each and which one is better at doing different things, the cost of the project, and how it affects adjacent property owners," Taylor said. 

The department has taken multiple interim safety measures, such as lowering the speed limit and adding flashing lights near the intersection.

"We have this project at high Priority and are delivering as promised on an accelerated timeframe, and we believe that we can put this to construction in 2026," Taylor said. 

Speed limits were reduced around a dangerous Tishomingo intersection.