DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) — The City of Davis is planning major infrastructure updates for travelers and water customers.

"Now we'll have a priority of street projects. We'll have a priority of drainage projects and a priority of waste water projects," said City Manager Ricky Harness. "Our goal is to take all three of those and mesh them together."

Updates to the Davis waste water treatment plant are in the planning phase, which Harness says is at 90 percent design, awaiting approval from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

That project is estimated to be $16 to $17 million once the bid is finalized.

Other infrastructure updates on the way include eliminating the city's railroad crossing, a project that involves the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and BNSF Railway.

"We have three crossings here in town. They're all within less than a half-a-mile apart," Harness said. "Should it get approved, the project is actually designed to push all of the passing track south of Main Street."

Commuters we talked to are Plans to address the railroad crossing has the support of commuters in town.

"I go that way to go home and it'll be stopped for 30 minutes to an hour," said Jadie Fogle, an employee at Sharpe's of Davis. "So that's definitely annoying, but it also has some upside to it when it brings people in for us."

As the city waits for approval of the railroad crossing elimination grant, updates to Sixth Street and Hanover Road are also being planned.