GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — Citizens of Gunter packed Grayson County Commissioners Court Tuesday morning to express their concerns about concrete plants in their area.

One of the chief concerns is the potential air pollution, especially with homes and Gunter High School within five miles of one of the plants.

"Unfortunately, these plants are all contiguous and adjacent to each other, so if they're all producing at max rates, then the particles will actually disperse even further beyond their property line and create deterioration in the air quality," Deirdre Diamond said.

Diamond is the founder of Gunter Clear Air, a group of citizens who have been voicing their concerns about the concrete plants for several years.

Now they are prepared to go to court over the issue, and want the Commissioners' support.

"Right now we're going to do a citizens' suit, and it's going to be regarding some of the violations that have been sustained within our community, so the permit can actually be enforced effectively," Diamond said.

Diamond came to the meeting with data collected from monitors near the plants measuring air quality However, there was a disagreement between Diamond and Commissioners over the differences between their data and hers.

"I want to be able to compare the data, like I told her in court," County Judge Bruce Dawsey said. "She has numbers that contradict some other numbers. Somewhere in the middle, hopefully we can meet a compromise, or at least a mutual understanding of what the situation is."