VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) — David Carl Griffin will be spending a decade in prison for felony theft of property and six counts of misapplication of trust funds.

The 63-year-old was contracted for multiple construction projects that he never finished after receiving payment. He also hired out sub-contractors to complete work that he did not pay them for, leaving homeowners to foot the bill.

Taking the money but failing to complete projects resulted in a first degree theft of property charge for Griffin.

"We had a lengthy sentencing hearing, with the victims testifying, and also the defendant," said Grayson County Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore. "The judge, at the conclusion of the hearing, turned to the victims and said: 'You're never gonna get a penny from this guy.'"

Griffin also received five third degree felony charges and an additional first degree for misappropriation of trust funds for failing to pa his hired sub-contractors.

"What the judge did is, he sentenced him to ten years in prison on all the counts but the theft count, and gave him 10 years' probation on that one," Ashmore said. "Restitution will be ordered in that one."

Griffin pleaded guilty on all charges last November. In addition to 10 years behind bars, he was sentenced to 10 years' deferred probation for the first degree trust funds felony.