SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- In 2005, Andre Thomas was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.

Now, 18 years later, his execution date is approaching.

"We got to think about the victim in this case, because Andre Thomas is not a victim; Andre Thomas is a murderer. Andre Thomas has not been treated unfairly," said Grayson County Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore.

It was March 27, 2004 when Thomas fatally stabbed 20-year-old Laura Thomas, the couple's four-year-old son and her one-year-old daughter.

That same day, he turned himself in to Sherman police.

Nineteen years after that brutal crime, the incident, Thomas is now awaiting execution.

The killer's attorney, Maurie Levin, has appealed for clemency, because she believes her client isn't competent enough for the death penalty.

"Mr. Thomas took out his first eye shortly after the crime... and removed his second eye and ate it three years later while he was on death row," Levin said. "Since that time, for the past 15 years, he has resided at the Wayne Scott Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice."

But Ashmore explains that in the State of Texas, to be competent to be executed, one must know that their execution is imminent and know why the state is executing them.

"He says, 'If the Supreme Court turns down my appeal, and I am to be executed, I will stop taking my medications.' At one point, he tells the counselor, 'Well, April 5 is my day.' That's his execution date," Ashmore said.

If clemency were to be granted, Thomas would receive a life sentence instead.

"He would be eligible for parole in about 20, 21 years," Ashmore said. "And certainly, there's a possibility he could get out before then if some sort of medical hardship were granted."

Thomas' execution date is currently set for April 5.