DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- Just when it seemed that residents of the East Coast Apartments complex were on the verge of having their taps turned off, a surprise transaction Monday night kept the water flowing.

The City of Denison said someone paid the overdue water bill just before the deadline. There are no answers as to why or how; only that tenants of the apartments operated by Apex East Coast Property Management find themselves still living in a puzzling and questionable living situation.

"We can tell you that specific bill was paid, so we won't be turning the water off at those Apex apartments today," city spokesperson Emily Agans said on Tuesday.

On January 23, Denison said they were giving the residents at East Coast Apartments at 2824 West Crawford Street a month-and-a-half to make preparations for the city water supply to be turned off on March 1.

Tenants did what they could, but moving out was not an option for everyone.

"We have been preparing," said resident Genny Zelis. "All of the residents I think have.  We have 10 gallons of water; I have 5 gallon paint bucket cans... I have three of those."