ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — OG&E crews worked overnight and into Monday morning to restore power to customers across Oklahoma.

The utility reported 33,000 customers without power during the peak of Sunday's severe storms. As of 6 p.m. Monday, around 6,000 customers were still affected by outages.

Updated power outage information can be found on OG&E's website

"Downed lines, broken poles, and damaged equipment on electric poles are what we are seeing now," said OG&E Spokesperson Aaron Cooper. "We have hundreds of crews in your area surveying the damage and restoring power and doing everything we can to ensure your service and power is turned back on as quickly and safely as possible."

OG&E estimates that power will be restored by late Tuesday night in Ada, Ardmore, Durant, and other areas in southern Oklahoma.

"As restoration continues, we may need to gain access to our customer's properties, so we ask that they are ready for that and have pets secure," Cooper explained. "As our crews trim and remove debris, they will take that to the curb, but it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that it is picked up."

The Ardmore Fire Department responded to several reports of downed power lines overnight.

"Our main concern is keeping the public from getting into or driving over the power lines," said fire department spokesperson Jason Woydziak. "You need to stay completely clear of them, and if the ground is wet, you need to stay even further away because the electricity will travel through the water through the ground. Even though they are broken, the line sometimes sends a charge to restore power. You could have a line that's not sparking, and then suddenly, that surge comes through, and that will get you, so you need to stay completely clear of them."

Woydziak said keeping trees trimmed can also help with downed power lines. 

"That is one of the number one things that we find is tree limbs that get into the power lines," Woydziak explained. "So if you can do your part by keeping those trees trimmed back, so they don't get into power lines, that's really going to help you when we have the high winds. "

Call 800-552-6870 to report a downed power line to OG&E or visit their website.