SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — After hearing citizen concerns, the Sherman Planning and Zoning Committee voted to deny a project request for a Heritage Row property.

The property owner, COHO Real Estate LLC, was seeking permission to divide the 300 West Moore Street property into three new lots. Specifically, they requested a variance, which would let them step outside of normal zoning rules, and to redraw a plat, showing the boundaries of the property.

Several people made their voices heard Tuesday night, some claiming new homes would clash with the historic neighborhood.

"The City of Sherman dedicated Heritage Row to retain the historical nature of that area many years ago, and I just don't feel this is in keeping with that area," Heritage Row resident Rick Magers said.

Others raised concerns over potential impact on property values and overcrowding. They claimed that the houses would likely be rentals and tenants may not be as motivated to maintain the property.

"Three homes would create quite a disturbance for dozens of people," resident Debbie Odom said. "Cramming three homes into this lot would lower the price of my home."

The real estate firm believes breaking the lot up would help address overcrowding—especially as Texas Instruments prepares for expansion.

"The density is coming," Corby Hosea of COHO Real Estate said. "That's a multiple billion dollar project that is going to be bringing 5,000 employees, and they need a place to stay. I am offering to build them a nice, new home and get high-earning tenants to live there."

Ultimately, the committee chose to deny the request.