CALLISBURG, Texas (KTEN) — After three Callisburg High School students learned that a custodian was struggling to make ends meet, they came up with a solution to help him out. 

"At first, the goal was $10,000 — and we know that $10,000 really isn't anything these days — but we're hoping that whatever we can get can give him a little bit more cushion," said senior Marti Yousko.

Three days into the fundraiser, the students have collected more than $35,000 on the GoFundMe page they established to help Mr. James... and the goal has been increased to $80,000.

The 80-year-old custodian un-retired in January after he was having a hard time paying his bills. 

"He shared with me his rent within a year has gone up nearly $400, and he just couldn't afford to continue paying without going back to work," said Principal Jason Hooper.

When kids caught wind of why Mr. James had to start working again, they stepped up. 

"When I saw him in the hall, it broke my heart," said senior Greyson Thurman. "Nobody at that age should be working; they should be living the rest of their life, you know?"

On Wednesday, three students created the GoFundMe page and have already tripled their goal. 

"It gives me faith in humanity, because with all of the evil things going on around the world, we need something like this to happen and it regains my faith,"  Thurman said.

The students added that they'll keep the fundraiser going until it slows down.