ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — A homicide investigation led deputies from Noble County, Oklahoma, to three people in Ardmore.  

They've been taken into custody and are facing first-degree murder charges.

According to a statement from the Noble County Sheriff's Office, dispatchers received a call of an unresponsive woman in Billings — about 75 miles north of Oklahoma City — on January 30. Stacy Walton, 52, was pronounced dead by medical personnel. 

Noble County deputies quickly started an investigation after learning it was a homicide. After conducting interviews and gathering evidence, investigators were led to three suspects in Carter County: Jess Bishop, 19; Emery Wood, 31; and Hollie Bishop, 38.

"We met with the Undersheriff and OSBI to start collecting all of the data and trying to figure out possibly where these folks were at," said Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant. 

A tip led law enforcement to a Motel 6 in Ardmore. 

"We received a tip that they would possibly be in the area of Motel 6 and Prairie Kitchen, so we set up surveillance to figure out where we believed they were," Bryant explained. "We were able to arrest Jess Bishop and Hollie Bishop at Motel 6."

Emery Wood was arrested at her home on Springdale Road.

"We were able to serve a search warrant on the house and obtain the car," Bryant explained. "We were also able to find out where the possible murder weapon was along with a shirt that was used and get that stuff back in and sent over to OSBI."

According to Noble County Sheriff Matt McGuire, this is an ongoing investigation. 

Any information about the case should be reported by calling the Noble County Sheriff's Office at 580-336-3517.

“My deputies were there to help and assist them with whatever they needed, and that's how it's supposed to work,” Bryant said. 

First-degree murder charges have been filed in Noble county for the three suspects from Carter county.



 Three people were arrested in connection with a homicide in Billings, Oklahoma, on January 30, 2023. (Google Maps)