DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — Icy roads and highways kept many Texoma supermarkets from keeping their shelves fully stocked during last week's winter storm.

Durant's Green Spray Market kept most foods in stock, but they — like other area grocery stores — struggled with staples like bread and milk.

"We got hit hard on bread this weekend," said store manager Jordan Sullivan. "Milk we ran out Monday, but then we got milk back on Tuesday... and then ran out again Thursday... but as far as other main items, we remained stocked."

Shopper Jessi Lane said she had a hard time finding those basic items.

"I was looking for milk and bread, and it was pretty scarce." she said.

Green Spray's warehouse is in Amarillo, Texas. Sullivan said that gave his store an advantage.

"I feel like West Texas did not get hit near as hard; the trucks were able to get here, whereas a Brookshires or Walmart coming out of Dallas or OKC were not able to," he said.

Any products that came from Dallas — like, Dr Pepper, Mission products and Little Debbie items — did not make it to grocery stores across Texoma during the storm.

Sullivan said Green Spray is now fully stocked.