(KTEN) -- Hotel managers across Texoma saw a significant jump in bookings this week. 

Along with more visitors, the hotels were forced to accommodate their workers and even some of their families, to keep them safe and ensure they would have staffing for this busy week.

A number of people had to extend their stay from the unsafe travel conditions.

Front desk receptionist, Kristen Tery said she advised many people to stay longer until the roads were clear.

"Quite a few people, people that were traveling through different cities and they stayed a couple extra days, they would ask us personally how we felt, and I know I told a couple people they should stay," said Tery. 

In Durant, hotel manager, Lori Havener stated that even some power crews needed some hospitality over concerns that the power would need to be repaired. 

"It started on Monday evening as we all know in this area, and we had power crews come in and they all sat here for days because they thought the power lines would go down, so they would extend and then cancel," said Havener. 

One positive thing about working at a hotel, employes and their families were able to sleep where they worked.

Havener says she is not complaining too much over the icy week, as it meant more business for her. 

"It is not the first time this is happened, we love when this happens because it fills up our hotels," she said.