BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) -- People filled up the Bonham City Council room and city hall building as the mayor and a few others gave an opening speech into the years celebrations.

Although February 2 was the official day, they celebrated on the third because icy weather moved celebrations to Friday.

According to city staffers; this is the first birthday they're celebrating.

"Really exciting time right now with the new lakes," said City Manager Sean Pate. "New transportation, what's going on in Sherman, the new courthouse has been great. and we want to blend in to that with our new downtown restoration."

And there are several events coming up. The Diggin' Bonham Seeded Token Hunt on April 1 is open to up to 60 metal-detecting participants searching for a hidden $10,500 worth of prizes. including jewelry, foreign coins, and Civil War and Native American artifacts.

Registration for that is open now through March 1; there's a $175 entry fee.

"A lot of fun, hopefully, every year we have the concert and the lights over Lake Bonham which is a big draw for everybody," said Bonham Mayor H. L. Compton. "Good Lord it just goes on and on, there's a whole list of it. Every month there's several different things happening, so it's going to be a very exciting year."

And you can find the link to those events on the Visit Bonham Facebook page.