SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Texas Department of Public Safety said 2022 was one for the record books when it comes to the success of its 10 Most Wanted program, and Grayson County had a hand in it.

There were five Grayson County cases on the list that were solved. In total, there were 72 arrests, more than any year since 1993.

Law enforcement handed out $88,000 worth of rewards for help in tracking down the most wanted individuals.

The five cases Grayson County helped with were tracked all around the country.

Gov. Greg Abbott singled out cooperation among law enforcement agencies.

"Public safety is a top priority in the State of Texas, and I am proud of the brave DPS troopers and law enforcement partners who have contributed to this record-breaking achievement," the governor said in a written statement.

Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith agrees.

"They're violent offenders, typically. They're offenders with multiple warrants and they typically have parole violations. And they're people that just need to be apprehended and removed from the community," Smith said. "There's a belief by law enforcement that if they're not apprehended, that those folks are going to have a propensity to continue to commit violent crimes."

The names of the five most wanted linked to Grayson County included:

  • Michael Deray Johnson, apprehended in Sherman
  • Elijah Joenithia McDaniel, arrested in Dallas
  • Cameron William Bishop, taken into custody in Commerce, Texas
  • John Robert Havener, apprehended in Durant, Oklahoma
  • Justin Marquiwis Cuba, who surrendered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana