(KTEN) — Ryan Walters, Oklahoma's new Superintendent of Public Instruction, wants more money to go to teachers whose students have greater academic success.

Walters will present his budget proposal — which includes a performance-based pay raise — to the State Board of Education on Thursday.

Walters did not share details about how student performance would be measured at a hearing with the House Education Budget Committee.

Tishomingo Public Schools Superintendent Bobby Waitman wants to know how variables like a student's socio-economic status and home environment would be considered when measuring a teacher's performance.

"I think we all want performance to improve in our classrooms, and I believe that's a success for education," Waitman said. "At the same time, measuring that consistently and equitably, time and time again, is a challenge when there's so many variables in a students demographic or environment."

If Walters' plan is approved by the Board of Education, he will present the budget request to state lawmakers.