VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) -- Earlier this month, board members of the Van Alstyne Community and Economic Development voted to offer one of their billboards they lease to local businesses.

This is the first time that the corporation is offering this discount after expanding their nonprofit public funds program.

"Billboards are not cheap, so we said we are going to open this up for local businesses," said executive director, Rodney Williams.

Small businesses will have to cover the cost of the art work, and their advertisement will only be displayed for a to be determined amount of time before another business will get their turn.

It is first come first serve, and Pique Boutique, located in downtown Van Alstyne is already taking advantage of the opportunity.

"They posted it on Facebook last night and we jumped on it," said owner, Mandy Bocco. 

Rodney believes this will be something that Van Alstyne will offer long term.

"We deiced to expand for a good reason, and I can not see this going away...I think businesses are going to love it," he said.