DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- October 9, 2019: The City of Denison lost three historic buildings in the 300 block of West Main Street to a devastating fire.

"It's the right time to begin the process of building back," said Mayor Janet Gott. "It impacted 2 Chicks Home and Market, my friend's house, Luxor Nails... and multiple others that had various degrees."

For more than three years, there's been a hole in the Main Street landscape. Now the city is ready to restore what's been lost.

"We are committed to rebuilding that landscape and get retail space back on Main Street, as well as contribute to the vibrancy of our downtown vibe by adding more lofts," Gott said.

City officials have started to restore Lots 323, 321 and 319, with plans still to be determined for Lots 315 and 317.

"323, which belongs to Casey Shires, is going to be Cross Development North and they will begin construction sometime in April," the mayor said. "321... which belongs to the city, will actually be on the ground floor will be the visitor's center and high end restrooms to serve our main street

Elise Russell, owner of 2 Chicks Home and Market, remembers October 2019 all too well.

"So many of us had to shut down," she said. "We were one of those locations that was affected by it, too. We watched as the front of the windows just turned black that day."

And Russell is ready for the restoration project to get underway.

"I think that will be a domino effect for the rest of the ones to connect to it and come back towards us," she said.