DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Following multiple inspections of East Coast Apartments on West Crawford Street and Circle Apartments on South Austin Street, the City of Denison has determined that these complexes are be unsafe to live in. 

"It's definitely not livable," said East Coast resident Greg Ortiz. "I mean, they don't fix anything."

Both apartment complexes are owned and managed by East Coast Property Management of Richardson, Texas.

"We found a variety of things," said city spokesperson Emily Agans. "Black growth on the walls; unsafe electrical wiring; water leaks... the list really goes on and on."

The next step is turning off the water at both apartment complexes on March 1.

"We want them to know that. Gives them about a month-and-a half to prepare and find other plans, if possible," Agans said.

Since Apex stopped paying its bills months ago, some tenants have been preparing for this. 

"If they want to cut off the water, me and my wife has a place to go, so I ain't really worried," said East Coast resident Earl Dennis. "But I do know one thing: You do have people here that would be concerned if they do cut the water off, so we're going to see what will happen."

Ortiz now faces 90 days of uncertainty.

"We don't have enough money to go put a down payment and move, and do all that stuff, and that's what we been wanting to do, is move," he said. "We're just trying to wait for our income tax to come in, where we can afford something different."

The city is in contact with the United Way of Grayson County to help assist these tenants. 

"We know that our partners are doing what they can to try and do what's best for the residents currently living in these facilities," Agans said.