SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — With a winter storm about to grip parts of Texas, some residents will flash back to February 2021, when another storm knocked out power to millions for days.

"I think the grid is in better shape," said Texas Rep. Reggie Smith (R-District 62). "I think we had some really low temperatures a few weeks ago that we were able to weather quite well."

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the state's vast power grid, came under fire for the way it handled the 2021 crisis.

"In the Legislature of 2021 year we were able to pass six major pieces of legislation, which did a lot of things," Smith noted. "Bottom line: It winterized, it fortified the grid system, and I think we are seeing the fruit of that right now."

Smith said there were 11 electric use records set during 2022, and the grid was able to handle all of them.

ERCOT believes the network will rise to meet the demand expected in the coming days.

"We are monitoring forecasts and expect sufficient generation to meet demand," the organization said on Twitter.

Smith said there are several bills filed in the 2023 legislative session that will continue to work on strengthening the Texas power grid.